Five FinTechs on Friday – June 18, 2021

We are back with a brand new edition of Five Fintechs on Friday featuring Link4, Personetics, Driva, Carstory, and FrankieOne.

Check out their offerings below!


Every business receives invoices. Link4 automates the process through the e-Invoicing network. No need for email, PDFs or scanning. e-Invoicing allows cloud accounting systems (like Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB, etc) to talk together in real-time, making it safer, more efficient, more secure and in real-time.

Link4 is the most popular Access Point in use with Australian Government Departments and has thousands of small businesses active with e-Invoicing. Every business needs to do e-Invoicing (even yours). Create a free account and be enabled for e-Invoicing within minutes. Link4 – Seamless Invoice Delivery.


Personetics is the global leader in financial-data-driven personalisation and customer engagement for Financial Services. Personetics operates through offices in New York, London, Paris, Singapore, Tel Aviv and Sydney. Our vision is to actualise a world of “Self-Driving Finance” where our clients proactively act on behalf of their customers to increase financial well-being. We offer our capabilities as white-label software services, enabling our clients to provide proactive day-to-day insights, financial advice, and automated financial wellness programs – all individually personalised to mass market, mass affluent, and small business customers. Using our AI Engagement Platform our clients can react to market changes in real-time, rapidly creating their own insights and wellness journey’s within days not months. We currently serve over 60 global financial institutions, reaching over 100m end customers.


Driva is an online platform that helps Australians navigate car-buying. Financing a car should be easy, but it’s often not. Whether you’re in a dealership being passed from salesperson-to-salesperson with only one lender option available or going to multiple lenders directly to find out your rate (hurting your credit score), it’s extremely difficult for consumers to shop around with confidence. That’s where Driva comes in. In a few simple steps, the platform provides customers with personalised quotes from multiple lenders, with full transparency over costs and the confidence that they will be approved. Driva aims to make the car buying process fast, simple and fair – putting Australians back in the Driva’s seat.


After 20 years building data businesses, David Scognamiglio decided to take a break, a week later Covid sent us all to our rooms. For the first time in a long time, David was able to begin a degree in psychology, have another attempt at playing the guitar and start the build of Carstory is an idea to connect consumers with lenders, insurers and others. Carstory provides reports to car shoppers to help them understand the history of a car. With clear consent, the consumer can elect to transfer their information to a lender and connect. Consumer demand for has been epic, and David would love to see lenders from the fintech space take advantage of the platform.


FrankieOne offers a complete fraud and identity operating system, which connects 320+ global data vendors and sources into a single platform solution. This allows our customers to access best-of-breed providers via a single unified API and manage them via a single dashboard. Frankie’s clients range from tier 1 banks through to major BNPLs, crypto exchanges and fintechs.
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