White Paper: Missing Measures of Digital Success

Banks are pursuing a digital-first approach to redefine customer experience, with the banking-as-a-platform operating model paving the way. This calls for defining new digital milestones as important indicators of the progress banks make in their transformation journeys.

While most banks report good progress in their digital initiatives, many do not quantifiably measure these initiatives against revenue, profitability, digital experience, and operational efficiency.

Given the scale and complexity of digital initiatives, evaluating these parameters are critical to improving efficiency and performance, especially as more banks seek to position themselves as leading digital platforms and lifestyle ecosystem.

As such, banks should monitor their digital success in three distinct areas:

Hence, how can banks in Asia Pacific incorporate a comprehensive digital success evaluation framework into their transformation strategy?

In continuation of our “Digital Bank of Tomorrow” thought leadership series, we are excited to launch its part two.

This latest ” Missing Measures of Digital Success” White Paper provides you insights on:

  • The Missing Measures: What are the Matrix that banks should consider for quantifiably measuring their digital success? What are the currently established, trendy ones and what are the missing ones?
  • Indicative Benchmarks: Check your digital success progress versus “the Best-in-class”
  • From Framework to Actions: How can banks incorporate this Digital Success Framework into your 2022 strategy

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